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The ALSC Board charged the Early and Family Literacy Committee (EFL) to “identify, synthesize, and disseminate current research findings relevant to early and family literacy issues from library schools, scholars of education, and other advocacy sources to libraries, childcare providers, and community agencies serving young children (birth through age 8).” 

EFL members regularly search for articles and reports on research findings that can help the ALSC community provide the highest quality research-based early literacy services in libraries, support best early literacy practices in our communities, be more responsive to the needs in our communities, explain to stakeholders and policymakers the purpose and value of the work we do, better advocate for the children we serve, spark new ideas, and increase equity, diversity, and inclusion in our work.

To date, EFL has disseminated current research findings to the ALSC community through monthly ALSC Blog postings on a variety of early literacy topics and through an article in the Winter 2020 issue of ALSC Children & Libraries (see pp. 33-35). We are now inviting members who are interested in a further exploration of the research we’ve found to visit the EFL Research Toolkit

What you will find in the EFL Research Toolkit:

●       A listing of some of the research EFL has found including bibliographic information, links to the article or abstract online, and a brief annotation with potential application in library services. The list of research is organized by category such as: Beginning Readers; Equity, Diversity & Inclusion; Family Engagement; Language Development; Play; Programs; School Readiness; Social Emotional Health; and Tech.

●       A listing of approximately 50 sources EFL is following for possible research findings. Sources include universities, professional organizations, government agencies, library schools, and more. 

●       A brief “about this toolkit” introduction including an invitation to contribute and how to contact EFL.  

This Toolkit will be updated monthly to include additional research finds and annotations and can be found in our shared folder

Looking to the future, EFL is developing webinars on topics related to finding and evaluating research and the practical application of new research in early and family literacy library services. 

Would you like to contribute to EFL’s collection of research findings and annotations? Or help with upcoming webinars on research topics or the application of the research findings in library work? Please email

Today’s blog post was written by Joanna Ward, Children’s Services Librarian, LA County Library, on behalf of the ALSC Early and Family Literacy Committee. EFL can be reached at

This blog relates to ALSC Core Competencies of I. Commitment to Client Group and VII. Professionalism and Professional Development

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