Zoom on: A look at Zoom storytimes

A huge benefit of maternity leave during a pandemic is virtual library programs. And as a children’s librarian myself it can be a little bit of professional development and really a lot of fun for my children and I. Here are some of my observations after watching dozens of Zoom storytimes across the United States. There are many different platform options, which you can read about here but today we’re focusing on Zoom. Attendance Numbers are always important and counting participants can be difficult in a digital environment. Here are some of the methods I’ve seen. Registration: in the registration form, participants have a section to put how many people will be attending the storytime. Chat box: the facilitator encourages participants to type how many people are attending in the chat box Eyeball: The facilitator will try to see how many screens/ individuals are participating and add that to their … Continue reading Zoom on: A look at Zoom storytimes