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If you’re reading the ALSC blog, you know that ALSC is an organization that supports professional development of all kinds- this lovely blog, of course, but also an Institute, publications, webinars, conference sessions, and more. Part of the “more” is something you may not have looked at lately: Professional Tools for Librarians Serving Youth. The toolkit is a selection of resources, some of the items are created by ALSC and its members, some by outside organizations. In addition to sharing formal information, there are also several ALSC blog roundups to be found within, allowing readers to find posts related by topic. 

You can read about youth librarianship’s relationship to access, competencies, partnerships, and much more. The “Advocacy” and “Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion” sections are especially meaty:

Under “Advocacy,” ALA’s Everyday Advocacy is one of the sites connected, containing information on “simple, effective ways to learn, share, and make a difference in your community.” Ways to be informed, to engage with the community, and to be inspired grace this page – inspiration is something we all need these days, is it not? You can also find a collection of ALSC Blog posts on the topic and a related report created by ALA Emerging Leaders in 2014 (Ask, Assess, Advocate) among the resources posted.

Many libraries who were only marginally engaged in Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion work before are waking up to the need for more awareness and action, and ALSC’s Professional Tools page is a great place to get started with this essential work. ALA and ALSC’s recent Strategic Plans are featured, along with ALSC’s statement specifically addressing the topic to introduce readers to the organization’s official outlook. Don’t miss the selection of Social Justice in Youth Librarianship links that include the work of professors Nicole Cooke and David Lankes.

If you haven’t looked lately, you will find a host of wonderful resources. While it’s impossible for a roundup of links to be comprehensive, Professional Tools is an essential gathering of relevant and important work created by members of our profession and a great place to begin when embarking on a new initiative. Do you have a favorite resource? Please share below!

Deidre Winterhalter

Deidre Winterhalter has been a member of ALSC since she began library school in 2005. She is a member of ALSC’s Membership Committee and co-chair of the Children and Technology committee. Her hobbies include listening to audiobooks and meeting dogs.

This post addresses the following ALSC Core Competencies: I. Commitment to Client Group, VII. Professionalism and Professional Development

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