ALA Virtual Midwinter 2021

We Are Each Other’s Harvest #alamw21

Natalie Baszile, author of We Are Each Other’s Harvest, was a featured speaker at the Diversity in Publishing stage. Baszile’s non-fiction book focuses on Black farmers, and the idea of the importance of land ownership. She stated that most people’s image of a farmer is that of a white man.

She wanted to “offer up more than just a history lesson”, and, instead, have readers focus on how land is a part of our identities, and link this to contemporary issues.

There were about one million Black farmers in the 1920s, going to about 45,000 today. Why has there been such a decline? To explore this, the book features a series of essays from historians with knowledge in this area.
A collection of poems will also be included in the book, interspersed between the other pieces. Baszile stated that this will help the book feel like a celebration.

She offered up a powerful clip from the book about The Nelson Brothers. This is a family with a lot of respect in the Black farming community, with generations of farming experience.

I am personally looking forward to reading this book and getting to know these farm families.

Please note that as a guest post, the views expressed here do not represent the official position of ALA or ALSC.

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