ALA Virtual Midwinter 2021

Benefits of a Virtual #ALAMW21

It’s happening! I’m here! I’ve made it allllllll the way to my couch in the basement and my luggage made it all the way, too! Huzzah! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’m attending ALA Midwinter virtually and, while my overwhelming feeling is that I miss my people*, there are lots of things I’m digging about a virtual conference.

*As I’m sure everyone everywhere is feeling right now…

Attending in my pajamas.

Yup, I’m rocking my comfy leggings today. Business on the top, comfy on the bottom. Perfect for Zoom.

Very cute conference buddy.

(Not that all of you aren’t cute, I’m sure.)

My conference buddy Howie appreciates having me at home for this conference.

The ALSC Midwinter Mixer tonight!

I’m excited for the ALSC Midwinter Mixer tonight (which is open to all, ALSC members and nonmembers, whether or not you’re attending Midwinter!). We’ll be hearing from former ALSC award committee chairs and mingling to talk about our favorite books of 2020 ahead of Monday’s Youth Media Award announcements. It’s happening tonight at 7pm ET (4pm PT) and free to register if you want to join us!

Adding books to my cart in real time.

When all I have to do is open up another browser tab to add great titles I’m seeing in the exhibits into my vendor carts, it makes it even easier to keep up with everything I’m learning at the conference. Normally I set aside a few hours once I get home to look up all the books I’ve heard about and galleys I’ve schlepped home.

It’s easy to keep hydrated.

My big water bottle is by my side and I don’t even have to lug it around!

I’m getting my laundry done at the same time.

This is a plus and a minus because if I had traveled somewhere for Conference, I wouldn’t have to do laundry at all. But it would all be waiting for me when I get home. I’m going to think of it as a plus.

Multitasking and access to on-demand sessions.

I’ve got a live session screen-casted to my TV and exhibit booths open on my laptop!

And I’ve got a ton of on-demand sessions available so I can dip into all the awesome publisher book buzzes over the next couple of weeks. It’s so handy that they’re all linked in one place!

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