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Child Mental Health and Technology: A Useful Tool for Caregivers and Therapists

In today’s new normal, we as a society are faced with the many challenges brought on by the Pandemic: Parents have adjusted to working from home. They’ve become teachers. Children have gone from learning in a classroom setting to their bedrooms; having physical movement to being stationary. Where they previously had social interactions with peers, they’re now often in silos watching a single screen throughout the day. After nearly a year of Covid-19, data proves that this has been no easy adjustment by any means. An article by Human Rights Watch outlines just how this disease has devastatingly impacted children around the world. Though what is also discussed are beneficial approaches to alleviate suffering. What I’d like to hone in on is how one organization provides help for the mental health of children due to the effects of Covid-19.

Through the National Children’s Alliance , a new useful training is being offered to Caregivers and Therapists who are looking to use a Telehealth technology tool for TF-CBT (Trauma Focused-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy). According to the NCA, there have been challenges around children and the use of technology. Since “in person” access to mental health services has greatly declined, Telehealth sessions offer alternative ways to make sure children and families are able to get the care they need. Therapy sessions are offered for the child much like an office in person visit. Other information on the website under this topic include:

How to Get Started- Telehealth History, Effectiveness, Workflow, (and more).

Telehealth Tip Sheet for Parents – Guidelines for Setting up the therapy session environment at home, Safety etc.

Telehealth Tip Sheet for Therapists– Safety, Logistics, Technology (NCA)

It’s very encouraging to see tools like this being available for the mental well being of children. I think that assisting in giving them voice to what they feel about what’s going on in the world around them cannot be stressed enough. In my opinion, this training should be offered and utilized not only by caregivers and Therapists, but by professionals in every institution which serves youth.

Links found in this article:

Human Rights Watch

National Children’s Alliance

Telehealth Tip Sheet for Parents

Telehealth Tools for Therapists

Today’s Post was written by Carla Davis, Youth Librarian for Multnomah County Library, Portland Oregon. She has three years of experience as a Youth Librarian.

This blog addresses the following ALSC Core Competencies: I. Commitment to Client Group II. Outreach and Advocacy

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