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Not Another “Best of” Post

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This Is Not Another “Best of” [input year] Post

I promise you this is not another Best of [input year] post. In fact, if I were to rename it, it’d be The Most Exciting Stuff in the Youth Services World, like, right now; right now.

I like pointing these things out so much I create a biweekly Youth Services newsletter for my colleagues. [mysteriously] Who knows, maybe I’ll unleash it upon the internet in 2021? [strokes goat goatee] It’s loaded with all things frabjous, from live webinars with authors whose work we drool upon to easy crafts, programming ideas, news – [foreign accent] your interest is piqued, no? Oh! And this stuff is all totes free! Sans fees! Gratis!

Famous Authors Live!

This subheading should read “Not Another Webinar”

Watch THE POLAR EXPRESS creator Chris Van Allsburg read aloud this holiday classic on Barnes & Noble’s Facebook page on Saturday, December 4 at 7 p.m. ET
Share what the holidays mean to you with #IBelieveInThePolarExpress. Believe in magic this holiday season!
For all things related to The Polar Express, including a party kit, countdown callendar, and more visit

Probably the most important webinars

For the Parents and Caregivers we serve

This is not a section about stuff to do as a family — it’s much much more; so there.

Crafts Upon Crafts Upon Crafts — a little STE(A)M

Who could possibly have enough craft ideas? And I promise you – NO toilet paper roll crafts — ever! Save those things for the firepit – or the Sarlacc pit if you are an SW fan.

Just for YA

Youth Services News

This section’s all about news that impacts the Youth Services world in its entirety. Wow…heavy.

Dad Jokes, ’cause, well, I’m a dad

Shopping centers, you’ve seen one, you’ve seen the mall.

And this stuff is actually funny:

That’s All Folks

If I don’t see you, have a pleasant, and safe holiday season — keep your proverbial chin up, I mean, [tempts fate] how bad could next year be?

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