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Virtual Conference Busy-ness

What a difference 8 months makes! Back in January, I attended ALA Midwinter for the first time. I was exhausted from the flight from Seattle to Philadelphia, as well as the time change and running from building to building to attend conference sessions. The ALSC 2020 Virtual Institute can be viewed from the comfort of my own home – but that doesn’t make it any less exhausting in its own way.

Today started bright and early at 7 a.m. Pacific time with an inspirational panel on Family Matters: Sharing Generational Love in Children’s Literature. We had a 15 minute break before it was on to the next session (for me: Equity, Diversity and Inclusion with ALSC: Updates, Tools and Takeaways) then another 15 minute before We Are Water Protectors.

Hopefully more on all of these later – but we’re just about to start Help! MY Child Is Learning How to Read: Supporting K-3rd Graders and Their Families (after my quick 30 break to brew another cup of tea and make a green smoothie). Though maybe I spoke too soon. I just got a message saying that the host had ended the meeting. Ah, technology… And we’re back. TTFN.

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