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Let’s continue the conversation

It brought me such joy to hear from and see some of you at the first ever virtual ALSC Institute. I attended some amazing sessions and appreciated connecting via the forums and chats with participants. During the Friday session, ALSC staffer Elly and I hosted a networking discussion called “How You Doin’?” The conversations were rich, and I am left still imagining solutions on a few topics.

Three questions that came up, that I would love for us to continue discussing as a community are:

  1. How are you establishing new partnerships, or maintaining established ones, during the COVID lockdowns?
  2. Since we are so disconnected right now, how do you know whether you are connecting with patrons and community?
  3. How will this experience change library services going forward?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section, and look for community forums in the winter so we can continue these conversations. Thank you so much for all who attended, to the planning committee who put on an excellent program, and the ALSC staff who worked diligently to turn an in-person event successful virtual.

This blog addresses the following ALSC Core Competencies: I. Commitment to Client Group and II. Reference and User Services.

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  1. Emily Mroczek

    It was great getting to know you better during the virtual conference!!

    For partnerships- I think it’s important to reach out and try to meet your partners where they need you– their wants and needs have probably changed during COVID.

    This experience will change library services forever, I think we will be way more prepared for digital programming and providing services.

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