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Have you visited the “Look to Libraries in Times of Crisis” page yet? Knowing that you and the families you work with need more help during this pandemic, ALSC created this resource page. Here you’ll find tons of reading recommendations,  virtual games and activities to help kids thrive at home,  tip sheets for managing stress, and articles from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The idea for # looktolibraries is two fold:

  • Part media campaign to remind parents, caregivers, and children to look to their local children’s library professional now more than ever to help explain issues surrounding the pandemic and for media mentorship. We live in a time of pandemic information overload; a web search can yield millions of answers to a question. So this is the perfect time to remind the community that their local library professional can help verify the sources and materials they find online and share search tips and tricks for knowing what is fact or fiction.
  • And part professional research and recommendations for you–our members.  We know how busy you are, and one stop shopping is the simplest way to get all the information you need quickly.

I imagine you all  are recommending books and resources to help parents and caregivers have conversations about difficult topics right now. Do you have favorites that you can share with your fellow ALSC members?

This blog addresses the following ALSC Core Competencies: I. Commitment to Client Group, II. Reference and User Services & IV. Knowledge, Curation, and Management of Materials.

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  1. Nora Franco

    My sister asked me for reading resources to help with her two children – one is six years old and the other is 10. The 10 year old loves books, and the little one – not so much. I’ve started to download a lot of the resources from the #looktolibraries pages – can you recommend any other one stop shops I can send her to?

    Thanks so much!

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