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Bundle Up Books for Young Readers!

Book Bundles To Go

As we explore opportunities to serve our communities in this unprecedented time, a path my library has recently taken has been to create a quick access browsing collection.  At the Wilsonville Public Library, we opened the building at the end of June with limited services. We are lucky that the configuration of our newly redesigned library allows patron access to the central area of the library. Since we are unable to open the library stacks to the public for browsing, we added this “grab and go” collection on the display shelving that had in the past been used for new adult fiction and adult non-fiction.

Library staff pull different catergories of library materials for different age groups and bundle 3-5 items together with stout rubber bands. We call this quick access collection Book Bundles To Go. Our visiting patrons constantly tell library staff that Book Bundles To Go is a “brilliant idea!”

Book Bundles To Go have been especially popular with parents of young children. We see the parents walk off with several bundles of board and picture books. As one mother of young children walked out of the building with several bundles of picture books, she told me “I would have taken more picture book bundles but my arms weren’t long enough to carry them all!”

As part of the service, library staff offer to create custom Book Bundles To Go based on the patron’s preferences. Since introducing Book Bundles to Go, parents of young children have been reaching out to library staff regularly, requesting library materials about subjects in which their toddler or preschooler has an interest.

Bundles of library materials that are readily available for parents and caregivers of young children can be, as one parent told me, “a lifesaver!”

Today’s post was written by Josephine Caisse, Youth Services Librarian at Wilsonville Public Library. She can be reached at

This post addresses ALSC Core Competency-V. Outreach and Advocacy


  1. Linda Wessels

    Champaign (IL) Public Library had displays of topical book bundles last summer that were quite a hit (copying an idea we had first seen at Weyenberg Public Library in Mequon, WI), so we have a book bundle display again this summer. It facilitates families getting in and out of the library quickly! Like Wilsonville PL, we are also offering customized book bundles. These are a new service developed in response to the coronavirus threat for families uncomfortable or unable to spend time browsing the stacks (which, unlike Wilsonville’s, are open). Customers submit bundle requests through a Wufoo form on the library website or by phone. Customers specify what they are looking for, for example, “Looking for 5 books for a 4 year old. Would like some books that promote self-confidence and some that help with learning letter recognition.” Bundles may be picked up from the hold shelf or via curbside service. Books bundles are offered for kids and teens, and, despite the name, are not restricted to books–we will include any material type. Since introducing the service at the end of May, we have filled 285 requests. It saves parents time and aggravation (“YES!” was the response today of a mother with 4 rambunctious kids in tow when informed about the service) and exposes kids to books families may not have found on their own. Staff benefit too: we are deepening our knowledge of the collection, becoming more attuned to our customer’s needs and preferences, and finding the process rewarding. Given its popularity, I would be surprised if the service were to be discontinued when the crisis is over.

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