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Silver Lining

I know I had planned on providing an update on our Book Mobile (which is going great!) and our upcoming plans for the Summer, but I think given all that is going on in the world, I wanted to share a moment that made me smile.

One of the upsides to staying at home and virtual learning is that my students have more time to explore their own interests and hobbies…as well as read! One of my students, Z as I’ll call her here, recently finished the book After the Shot Drops by Randy Ribay.  The story follows Bunny as he tries to navigate his friendships, family and basketball when he pursues an opportunity that could change his life and his family’s lives.

Initially, Z wrote me a book report and shared it via Google Docs, which is great, but I’d rather talk to kids about books than read a report.  So, we began to chat over Google Hangouts.  Z told me she saw a lot of herself in Bunny; they both play basketball and feel a responsibility to their family and friends.  Z’s parents are actors and directors, and Z likes to dance and write, so I asked her who she would cast in the movie version of the book.

Rather than go Hollywood,  Z chose to cast classmates and other people she knows her life.  Before we could even get through the cast list, Z came up with the idea to write her own version of the story as a script.

So what’s next?  I’ve reached out to Randy Ribay to see if he would be willing to chat with Z about the book, her visions and explain what the process of turning a book into a movie becomes.  I’m hoping we hear back! Z is still writing and has decided to create create a live-action book trailer with help from her parents to share with our school community.

It is easy to forget in all that is going on in the world that there is true magic in the moment a student or patron connects with a book on a deep level.   I hope this reminder of that moment brings a little bit of sunshine to your day!

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