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Stacey Abrams – Library Lover & Champion #PLA2020

Stacey Abrams got everyone excited and and ready to take up the mantle of protecting voting.  She also called the public library the perfect place for people to fill out the census form, especially if they fear being tracked.  As she says: ‘if you’re not counted, you don’t count.’

Here are some memorable quotes from Stacey:

“Acknowledgement of the past does not absolve us of our obligation to work toward a better future.”

“Why is the census so important? Because so much depends on it.  Not only so we know who is in our communities but it also represents power.”

“Equality cannot exist in a system that under counts and suppresses voting.”

“The power owned by every person is the right to vote.  If we can’t vote we can’t express ourselves.”

I was also inspired by the young performers from Southern Word


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