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Moved By Their Words at #PLA2020

Teens took the stage as part of the opening session of #PLA2020. Four young performers from Southern Word performed poems and absolutely blew the audience away with their talent and stage presence. This local spoken word youth development program partners with the Nashville Public Library to staff their audio recording studio and to bring programs to the library.

I was thrilled to see these teens get their chance in the spotlight. Not only were their performances moving and entertaining, it’s so great to see the positive impact that youth development can have. These teens oozed confidence and looked totally comfortable standing on stage in front of thousands of adults. I’m grateful that the PLA organizers saw this group as important enough to be part of our opening session. It speaks so highly of the value the organization places on youth development and the role libraries play in it.

I also learned that there are spoken word youth organizations throughout the country. Check out the directory of Brave New Voices organizations to see if there is one near you. How could your library partner with them to empower youth?

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