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Limitless Libraries #pla2020

One of the meetings that I set up before PLA was with the NPL staff member who started the Limitless Libraries project and now coordinates their curriculum kits so I could pick her brain and see the reality of their project.

Limitless Libraries bins

As items are requested by students, they are put in these bins.  Each bin is for a different school.  There are approximately 120 schools who are a part of the program.  The bins are located in their staff workroom in the first basement.  (FYI-you can’t tell the workroom is in a basement!)


Limitless Libraries delivery

The materials are then bagged up and go out each day to the schools.  Each bag is for a different school.  The school delivery service added the library to their route and they pick up the bags.  Items are returned to the library through the same delivery service.


NPL curriculum kits

NPL also carries over 100 curriculum kits for all age levels.  Each kit holds 20-30 items and circulates for 6 weeks.  These kits are holdable so homeschool families also have access to the items.  Kits included topics such as Mo Willems, bi-lingual picture books, careers without college, and art history to name a few.  These are stored in the 2nd basement as they are bulky and require space.


Lisa Mulvenna is the Head of Youth/YA Services at the Clinton-Macomb Public Library.

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