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Givin’ Me Those Carnegie Vibes #PLA2020

Like many other ALSC members, I climbed the 5th Avenue hill to join a tour of Nashville Public Library’s main branch. The relatively new construction (2001 or so?) is giving real Carnegie vibes with its classic architecture and building materials but a philosophy of continual unfolding as you move from room to room.

Needless to say, I was shook. The walls, a standard neutral color, gave way to really exciting spaces but the cherry on top of the tour was the exploration of the youth spaces.

The 2nd floor children’s space was full of life and zest. Many of my fellow live bloggers highlighted the amazing nod to Nashville’s architecture and skyline. What I found most exciting, though, was all the COLOR! The decorations alone were enough to make me giddy.

The Volunteer State Book Awards (primary & intermediate) were also highlighted with fun, tabletop towers featuring the covers of selected titles. These fun towers are a great way to display your award-winning titles without taking up a lot of space or relying on tried and true display techniques. I loved how easy they were to move around since the structure came from small pieces of foam board.

I was also really inspired by the teen space on the Library’s 3rd floor. This space housed the Studio, where a huge assortment of the latest tech and hands-on gadgets were available for teens to use. Everything from multiple 3D printers (pictured below) to sewing machines, a music space, Ozobots, and everything in between made an appearance. In the more “traditional” teen area, there was a craft rack that had shelf upon shelf of materials for teens to grab for some unstructured craft time. As someone who tends to learn best by making and doing, these features really spoke to me.

How do you maximize your display and programming space?

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