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Fear of being left behind (foblb) #PLA2020

The good news is I’m here, which is more than I can say for last PLA. Snow was predicted (again!) for Chicago, so I hopped on a flight a day early on Monday night in hopes of actually getting here. Being early for a big (8,000 library peeps!) conference is a great idea. Saw the Nashville Public Library while it was still quiet-ish! an amazing storytime by…wait for it, 3! people who were not librarians but “performance artists.”There were lights, recordings, puppets, juggling, witty repartee and more. Lots of fun, and they’re doing it again tomorrow morning, 9:30, 10:30 and 11:30. Brian Hull, or the “Professor” manages Wishing Chair Productions and told a few of us librarians about the deep, strong tradition of puppets here in Nashville. He’s super excited about the String City shows coming up which are an extra you can order on the PLA app.


  1. Don Reynolds

    Tom Tichenor was the beloved puppeteer who began his puppetry story times at Nashville Public in 1938 as a high school student. He had a most distinguished career using puppets to tell stories. He set the stage for Jim Henson and Mr. Rogers. His book, “Tom Tichenor’s Puppets,” is one of the best on puppetry as art and storytelling.

    1. Shelley Sutherland Post author

      Thanks, Don. I was thrilled to learn about Tom Tichenor, Wishing Chair productions and the legacy of puppetry in Nashville, and am looking forward to learn more.

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