ALA Midwinter 2020

#ALAMW20, the Graphic Novels and Comics Roundtable, and coffee: a love story

What a way to start the first full day of Midwinter: with coffee and comics. The Graphic Novels & Comics Roundtable held a great morning session. YA author (and now, graphic novel author!) Sabaa Tahir delivered an opening keynote where she divulged that she, like I, has a second grader CONSUMED with Dog Man. From there, 10 graphic novel publishers visited tables on a speed dating-type format, often accompanied by authors, to talk about their books. Starting off my morning by meeting Marieke Nijkamp and Kieron Gillen? Yes, please!

There are so many great graphic novels coming for our shelves. I’m thrilled to see graphic novels getting more love and respect as educational tools, because they’re kind of a perfect medium for so many. Kids who are overwhelmed by print, or don’t do well with print often find their bliss with graphic novels. ESL students can learn English at a less frenzied, stressful rate by using the sequential panels, context clues, and language together to understand and enjoy stories. The artwork can go from subdued to insane, day-glo palettes, and the beauty is all in the eye of the beholder. Graphic novels are bringing more kids to reading every day.

Check out DC’s new DC Zoom and DC Ink original graphic novels: Zoom novels are for middle graders, and Ink are for YA, feature favorite characters in the DC superhero universe, and have wonderful adventures to take our kids on. Graphix is the home of graphic novel luminaries like Dog Man and ALL the Raina Telgemeier things (Smile, Sisters, Drama, Ghosts, Guts). I’m psyched for RH-Graphics, the new graphic novels imprint from Random House. Boom! Studios – home of Lumberjanes! – has a book for every age, every interest, every one. Check out their Boom! Box imprint for good middle grade books.

I’m only scratching the surface here, but there’s so much more to be found. Great graphic novels can be found all over the ALAMW exhibit floor. Go start talking to people and get some for yourself and your kids!


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