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2020 ALSC Strategic Plan: Your Board at Work!

In 2016 the ALSC Board of Directors began work on a new 2017-2020 Strategic Plan.  As many of you know, Strategic Plans are generally for 5 years, but ALSC decided that a 3 year plan gave our organization the opportunity to review, refresh and revise in a shorter time frame.  This is not to say that we haven’t been doing this during the 3 year period – we have! The Strategic Plan is not a document we put together and put away; it’s a living document. A Strategic Plan Implementation Progress Report is written four times a year, updating the Board and membership where we are in achieving our goals.

The Strategic Plan is located on the website on the About ALSC page on the left navigation bar, just under Governance and History of ALSC.  I encourage you to take the time to read through how the Board went about updating the current plan, as it was extensive.  As the plan expires next year, the Board has begun a review of what has been accomplished and what still needs to be done.  After several online meetings the Board has decided that the current plan is still, at its core, vital and significant and a completely new plan is not needed. What is clear, though, is that we need to work on refreshing and updating some of the objectives within the three Areas of Strategic Action: Diversity & Inclusion, Advocacy, and Learning & Development.  The Board will work in small groups before coming together online over the next months.  I hope you will join us as we discuss the plan and updates.  Board meetings are open to the public and I encourage you to register and attend.   We welcome your input and are stronger when we hear your thoughts on how we can continue to make our division the strong organization it is.  Please contact me at the email address below or one of the amazing Board Directors if you have questions or suggestions.  Sign in with your ALA member number and password to see email addresses.

Please send an email and let me know what’s on your mind!


This post addresses the following ALSC Core Competencies: I. Commitment to Client Group, VI. Administrative and Management Skills and VII. Professionalism and Professional Development.

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