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Noteworthy ALSC Booklist Committees!

Today I would like to highlight the work of several committees whose work is used on a daily basis by ALSC members, parents, teachers, librarians, and many others looking for excellent book recommendations.  ALSC booklists help fulfill our commitment to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion by highlighting books that feature children in our communities and our lives.

Happy September ALSC Members and Friends!  September always make me think of a new beginning much more than January 1.  I think it goes back to that first day of school with new clothes, new friends, sometimes a new school or town and the joy of reading new books!  For us, September is the month where ALSC committees are truly getting up to speed with their work.  Notable Books are deep into their reading at this point of the year and Quicklists is poised to respond to requests.

Notable Books

The annual Notable Books list is highly anticipated by those of us who don’t have the capacity to read thousands of books to find the very best.  Recently, the chair of the committee, Melody Frese, was quoted in the magazine Parentology in an article titled 12 Read-Aloud Books for Kindergartners.  Great work Melody showcasing the work of the committee!


The invaluable work of the stalwart sixteen-member Quicklists Committee, co-chaired by Kristen Rocha Aldrich and Amanda Choi, serves as the go-to resource for the creation and promotion of booklists and other resources to serve the needs of media, individuals, and organizations looking for expert materials when producing programs, films and other materials/services for children. This group is also called on to respond to emerging issues and provide ALSC members the perfect one-stop for recommendations they need today.  A few recent booklists they have creted: Tough Topics, Graphic Novels Reading List, and Building STEAM with Dia. Thank you Quicklists members for the tremendous work!

Visit the ALSC Recommended Books page for more reading suggestions.

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This post addresses the following ALSC Core Competencies: I. Commitment to Client Group, II. Reference and User Services, IV. Knowledge Curation, and Management of Materials, and VII. Professionalism and Professional Development.

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