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Welcome to CAL Rewind!

CAL Rewind, ALSC's Children & Libraries

CAL Rewind is a new, semi-regular blog post dedicated to sharing past articles from Children and Libraries: The Journal of ALSC (CAL). Articles presented in each Rewind are accessible to all online and chosen around a theme or article type.

CAL content is diverse, from academic pieces and interviews, to columns written by ALSC committees and reports from Bechtel Award winners about their experience at the Baldwin Library of Historical Children’s Literature. CAL Rewind will showcase the journal’s range of content, revisiting past stories that present valuable research, enlightening conversations with children’s book creators, innovative programming ideas, and more.

And, speaking of programming ideas! The articles below, picked for our inaugural CAL Rewind, provide the ins and outs of some truly engaging programs and activities that nurture creativity and curiosity in young people.

Innovative Library Programs

Theater Camp

"Exit Stage Left" article page imageExit Stage Left: Bringing out the Bard at Library Drama Camp by Alexa Newman

The Algonquin Area (Illinois) Public Library’s Drama Camp program introduced young participants to the works of Shakespeare and provided a genuine theater experience–scripts, rehearsals, staging, costumes, props! Author Alexa Newman addresses each of these aspects, while also providing details on budget, teen volunteer counselors, and community partners. And, come performance time, according to Newman, “Somehow it all magically comes together. Forgotten lines are memorized, cues are remembered, costumes are lovely, and the campers are energized. … Huzzah and break a leg!”

Podcasts for Kids

"Now Playing" article page imageNow Playing . . .: Using Podcasts and Kidcasts in the Library by Kitty Felde, Pamela Rogers

How can librarians reach kids who’d rather put on a pair of headphones than pull out a book? Authors Kitty Felde and Pamela Rogers say, “Children’s library services have always engaged children through stories. Kidcasts [aka podcasts for kids] can fit seamlessly into existing library programming or even inspire new programming.” And, taking it up a notch, some librarians themselves are recording podcasts for and including kids. Find out how libraries are effectively incorporating podcasts into youth programming.

Maker Spaces for a Younger Crowd

CAL article pageTime to Tinker: Bringing Maker Spaces to Younger Patrons by Carol Scheer

Pikes Peak (Colorado) Library District’s Elementary Make/Tinker Lab program is aimed toward five- to eight-year-olds. Science experiments, building projects, and gardening activities are among the successful and popular happenings that engage children and their adults. Consequently, according to author Carol Scheer, “As teachers have learned about the program, we have been invited to do school outreach programs. Some schools have also brought their students to the library…. It’s creating a positive image of our library throughout the community….” Scheer shares details on planning and logistics and tips the library has learned along the way for making the program run more smoothly.

Hope you enjoy this second (or maybe first!) look at these articles. See you next time. Happy Reading!

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