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Library Services to Immigrant and Refugee Families & ALSC Library Service to Special Populations Toolkit

If you’re wondering where you can find resources for immigrant and refugee families or other special populations in your community, ALSC is here to help!

In 2015, the ALSC Committee for Library Service to Special Population Children and Their Caregivers created this incredible toolkit that includes many helpful links and book lists.

Last month, ALSC held a forum for members on this very topic. If you missed it, members can access the archived forum here.

You may want to mark your calendar now for an upcoming FREE webinar on April 9, 2019 Early Childhood Expertise Beyond Libraryland: Serving Refugee and Immigrant Families. The webinar will address the following learning outcomes:

  • Learn about the experiences of families who leave behind their home countries.
  • Gain understanding of the impact of separation and trauma.
  • Discover innovative ways to address the needs of families experiencing separation and relocation.
  • Consider the potential barriers to service at their libraries.
  • Create meaningful programming and services to support families within their communities.

Please share other helpful resources you’ve found in the comments below.


This post addresses the ALSC Core Competency V: Outreach and Advocacy.



Stephanie Saba, a Community Program Supervisor at the San Mateo County Libraries, is writing this post on behalf of the Public Awareness Committee. She can be reached at

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