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What I’m bringing back from #alsc18

A notebook full of notes and a head full of ideas–that’s a large part of what I’m bringing home from #alsc18. (OK, and a few books!) I heard about so many amazing, creative programs people have done that will give me the push to try some new things at my library. I heard about research that will help guide some of my decision-making at work, especially when ordering books. And I met a lot of people who made the weekend extra fun. (Hey, Iowa librarians!)

Like I said, I’m coming away from #alsc18 with notes and ideas, but I’m also coming away with a grateful heart. I love being a children’s librarian and am so grateful that I get to do this work. Attending Institute was another reminder of just how lucky I am, and how fun–and important–our job is!

Thanks ALSC for a great weekend and for filling my notebook, my head, and my heart!

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