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Celebrating Library Card Sign-Up Month

Every September, libraries across the nation celebrate Library Card Sign-Up month. This year my library celebrated with a little party.

On September 12, kids and families of all ages were invited to the branch to sign-up for cards and decorate library card holders. Many of the kids who attended came with library cards that they had had for years or received the week before at our sign-up drive, while some signed up during the event.

Our Friends Group was generous enough to purchase white credit card sized envelopes (similar to the ones hotel keys are placed in) which perfectly held our colorful cards. Using markers, sequins, stickers and more- kids and tweens proudly decorated and personalized their holders. Even adults got in on the fun and as everyone worked, they munched on homemade pizelles that a patron made for the event.

After decorating their library card holders, kids got to take their photo in front of the Incredibles poster that the Friends purchased from the ALA store and took home one of the Incredibles stickers.

So was the program a success? Judging by the smiles (and empty pizelle plate) I would say yes.  In fact, we are planning on offering the program one more time before the month ends.

How is your Children’s Department celebrating library cards in September?


This post addresses the following ALSC Core Competency: III. Programming Skills.

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