1. Debbie Reese

    It is a significant moment for ALA, for the US, for children…

    A deeply respectful thank you to those who brought this possibility forward, and to the task force, too. I will carry that moment when the board voted with me, always, as a tangible symbol of the potential for change.

    Debbie Reese

  2. Paulette

    I am deeply saddened about 1984 and revisionist history playing out in America. Where do we draw the line? #WalkAway

  3. Kelly

    A few lines in a book, that were normal or expected with the time, were not acceptable to a few and you want to destroy the author one of the best series of books written by a strong woman.

    How do people with such narrow-minded ideals get to decide what is best?
    And these same people probably wonder why more money sent to education has done nothing but made our society less able.

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