ALA Annual 2018

The Future of Youth Services at #alaac18

Do you have ideas about the future of youth services? Five years in the future will be here in no time. How about 20?

I’ve been honored to represent the youth services perspective on the Center for the Future of Libraries Advisory Group the past few years. The Center is a great resource for tracking library trends and sharing future-focused stories through the weekly “Read for Later” newsletter. The Advisory Group’s main duties so far have been to review and make recommendations for the Center for the Future of Libraries Fellowship and the Symposium on the Future of Libraries. The Symposium has quickly become a popular offering at the Midwinter Meetings.

As you know, the Midwinter Meeting is where the Youth Media Awards are announced, which makes it a great space for more youth-specific sessions. This Midwinter’s last-minute “Storytime Deep Dive” in the Uncommons was an attempt to fill this need by ALSC member Melissa Depper.

SO: I want to see your proposals for the Symposium in 2019! What ideas are floating around in your head that you want to shake out? Have a presentation in mind, or a discussion you want to see had? The proposal application is live now! Submit your youth-focused proposal by August 15th (nor that there’s anything else going on for youth services folks right now…).  I know it’s all in the throes of SRP,  but I’d love for anyone who has the bandwidth to consider this opportunity.


This post addresses the following ALSC Core Competency: VII. Professionalism and Professional Development.

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