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Gearing Up for Summer Reading and Summer Learning @ Your Library!

It’s that time of year again! If you’re lucky, you’ve completed all of your planning for summer and are currently relaxing with a cup of tea. If you’re like me, you’re frantically trying to finalize all of your programs for the summer while simultaneously waiting patiently for your reading logs to arrive so you can begin your outreach.
Download the New 2016 Summer Reading Lists
Like most people, I do a huge portion of my Summer Learning outreach in May and June. At the beginning of May, I reach out to all of the schools in my district and arrange for a time to visit the school. In the past, I have spoken at large school assemblies or done individual classroom visits. Our library system gives out a free book to every child who signs up for our Summer Learning program, so I also bring enough logs and age appropriate books for every child in the school to these visits.

Once school is out, you may have to get more creative with your outreach. Try bringing Summer Reading or Summer Learning materials to one of these locations in your community to meet people who might not be coming in to your library already:


  • County Fair
  • Coffee shops
  • Community Parks
  • Public Transportation Stations
  • Summer Camps
  • Community Swimming Pools
  • National Night Out
  • Summer Music Festivals
It’s easy to get caught up in all of the excitement of summer, but don’t forget to take care of yourself too! Take a walk, put your feet up, relax with a good book, plan a post-summer getaway, have dinner with friends, treat yourself to a face mask, or enjoy a movie night at home. If you’re looking for self-care ideas to make your summer as successful and stress-free as possible, check out these previous posts on the ALSC Blog: sun clip art


Stephanie Saba, a Senior Librarian at the San Mateo County Libraries, is writing this post on behalf of the Public Awareness Committee. She can be reached at

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