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Working Through a Remodel : Library Life in a Construction Zone


New Reading Nooks

My library is in the midst of an expansion and remodel project. Phase one, the building addition, was completed last week. A two story, 8000 square foot extension is now open. For the Youth Services department, this means a new office, Creation Center, study rooms, Homework Center / Parent Teacher collection,  and expanded stacks.

Future Homework Center and Parent Teacher Collection


It is super exciting having new spaces (including a new departmental office), but there have been a few hiccups along the way. There’s been a delay with our office furniture, so several of us don’t have desks at the moment. And most of our supplies are still in the mover’s totes.

We were closed for two days last week in order to move shelving, including the entire picture book collection and play area. Some materials went to offsite storage, some are in temporary moving carts, and others are in totes waiting to be reshelved.

Future Play Area Behind the Visqueen

The demolition for the phase two remodel has started. Visqueen is hanging at the former midpoint on both floors of the library. And it is loud. Really loud. This morning the walls of our former storytime room came down. Soon we will have a new and improved storytime space.  Our early learning play area is also being expanded. When it’s complete there will be a light wall, nursing room, family restrooms, and more.

Partial view of Creation Center



What are some of your best / worst experiences with growing pains?  Share them with us!

My Temporary Workspace



Update: I began this post a few weeks ago, and I’m still working as a nomadic librarian.  Due to some unforeseen architectural glitches, I am still deskless, but our staff workroom is wonderful, the Creation Center is super functional, and our reading nooks are a big hit.


Stay posted and I’ll be sure to keep you all up to date on the completion of our remodel.

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