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2018 National Institute Programs! #alsc18 #act4kids

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Looking for a reason to attend the ALSC Institute in Cincinnati this September? Check out the lineup of amazing programs!

Attendees will be able to choose 8 of the 16 programs. There will be two opportunities to catch each program, so you won’t miss out on your top choices.  From practical programming ideas to thinking critically about literature, planning and identity – the variety and quality of all of these programs is almost impossible to convey in a single blog post, but we’re going to try. For a full list of program descriptions, visit the Institute programs page!

For professionals working with our smallest library patrons, you can learn about how to connect with caregivers at “Grown-Ups are People Too: Promoting Caregiver Bonding with Awesome Early Literacy Programming,” or get those caregivers and children engaged with play at “Inspiring Sensory Play: Babies and Toddlers.”   “Moovin’ and Groovin’ in the Library” will present a variety of ways we can program using physical activities like yoga, storywalks or musical play.  You can also connect learning outcomes and how to support early learning at “Every Child Ready to Read and Supercharged Storytimes: How These Two Research-Based Projects Connect and Add Value to Early Learning.”

2018 institute logoMaybe you are ready to rethink programming at your library. If so, learn from Dallas Public Library’s mistakes at “Afterschool at the Library: Mistakes May Have Been Made” and see how they found success from their failure. Madison Public Library will share how they rethought programming at “Moving from Ladybugs to Ladders: The A-Ha Moments That Led to Groundbreaking Program Models at Madison Public Library,” while Jacksonville Public Library will teach about their method of delivering intentional, thoughtful programming at “Implementing a Quality Program Initiative.”  You can rethink partnerships at your library to create more success at “Reaching Out from Within: Creating Strong Partnerships.”

Now that you’re sufficiently excited about attending, consider making your case to your administrators.

Are you familiar with the Competencies for Librarians Serving Children in Public Libraries? More than likely you’ve read through it a few times and maybe even made notes regarding areas you want to focus on improving this year. In planning the 2018 ALSC National Institute we’ve ensured that all of the programs being presented touch on one or more of the competencies and here are a few programs you might want to mention to your administrators when making your case to attend.

Programming is an important part of your job and one that benefits from rejuvenation. The competencies encourage us to meet users inside and outside the library and to strive to help unserved and underserved populations in our communities. You may want to pitch the importance of attending any of the following sessions if programming is your top reason for attending the National Institute: “Inclusive Programming: Advocacy and Access,” “Programming Be’Tween” the Lines,” or “Summer (Mis)Adventure! Change is Hard: How One Public Library Took a Leap and Learned a Lot.”

Library collections are built to serve diverse communities and needs. We’ve selected programs that tackle topics ranging from leveling collections to book evaluation and representation in Children’s Literature. Check out “Review is Critical: Developing Decolonial Book Evaluating Competencies,” “When Leveling Helps, When It Doesn’t, and How Libraries Can Make the Best of It,” or “Identity in Children’s Literature: Representing All Kids Through Library Programming” if you’re looking for inspiration for approaching the curation and management of your library collection.

Outreach and advocacy are among the most important and challenging facets of our work. Libraries around the country are introducing innovative ways of responding to changing community needs all the while learning how best to solicit support for the valuable work we do. “Feed the Whole Child: Un-limiting Approaches to Filling Children’s Heads, Bellies, and Hearts,” and “Demystifying Advocacy: Building Support for Your Library” and may be two sessions that help you ensure that the children in your service area have full access to library materials, resources, and services as well as prepare you to advocate for eliminating barriers to library service.

Now that we’ve given you 16 of the best reasons to attend the 2018 ALSC National Institute, we look forward to welcoming you to Cincinnati this fall!

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