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Articles about Fairy Tales Also Provide Good Reading!

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With fifteen volumes of Children and Libraries now in the books, I recently was prompted to revisit past issues of the journal online. While browsing through old tables of contents, I was reminded of how much I enjoy articles about fairy tales. There is something that still intrigues me about these old, traditional stories about dark woods, evil queens, and magic spells! So much so that I enjoy curling up to read not only these grand old tales themselves, but also the more contemporary, academic writings ABOUT these stories!

Below is a sampling of CAL articles that explore the art, appeal, and history of fairy tales.

Illustrator Extraordinaire: Bechtel Fellow Enthralled by Arthur Rackham
by Brigid Mangan

CAL cover - Alice in Wonderland - articles about fairy talesWhere Fantasy and Facts Meet: Fairy Science Books from 1870 to 1900
by Natalie Ziarnik

Perennially Popular: The Appeal of Classic Fairy Tales for Children
by Pauline Dewan

What kinds of articles do you enjoy reading in Children and Libraries?


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  1. Debbie Reese

    I’ll take a look, but want to let people know that traditional Native stories are sacred stories–just like stories in the Christian Bible. To do right by everyone, please revisit where you shelve them and how you (or teachers in your school) use them. In public schools, for example, a teacher would not read a picture book about Genesis and then use the structure of it as a creative writing or art activity where kids make the world.

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