ALA Midwinter 2018

Connections #alamw18

It’s amazing how one person can make such a difference. I sat down next to a stranger this morning at an event. We got to talking about coming to Midwinter and our sense of being part of this community.  Do we all belong? How do you get to feel you are a valued member?

I shared that I had been in two different public libraries in the three days before flying to Denver and neither library had even a hint that the Youth Media Awards will be announced on Monday.

My new colleague talked about how she joined ALSC years ago and immediately went on their website and volunteered for as many opportunities as she could find. Result is she belongs.

But what about those who don’t belong to ALSC and those who don’t even know it exists? What about those children’s librarians who are unaware they have a community to join?

Is this a job for them or is this a profession?  How do we reach them and inspire them to “treat this profession with respect” as my colleague so perfectly articulated the challenge.

About an hour later I listened to Jessica Kensky and Patrick Downes – two courageous Boston Marathon survivors talk about their service dog Rescue and the power of community.  They turned to both as they fought their way back and found joy again.

How do we create those important connections for everyone in our professional community? How do we make everyone feel they belong, that they matter?

Coming to Midwinter gave me the chance to meet Annisa Jeffries, Youth Services Manager, Cleveland, Ohio. One great connection can make all the difference.

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