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Small but mighty: Conquering February Library Events

For me, February is one of the most exciting but most overwhelming months in library-land. It’s the shortest month of the year and SO much is happening! Here is a small sampling of some February Library events and program ideas to go with them.

I know I missed many, so please add ideas in the comments!

February- African American History Month

An important theme every month of the year, African American History Month is another opportunity to highlight amazing materials about past and current notable African Americans. Scavenger hunts are a simple, but fun and educational way to share knowledge with school-aged kids. I have also been pleased to find a growing amount of diverse and educational picture books for story times.

February- National Library Lovers Month

National Library lovers month is a great way to do shameless self-promotion for the best place ever- the library!

One activity I did for this month that was simple yet fun, was making heart-shaped die cuts for with “What I Love About My Library” on top. Then customers can add their favorite aspects of the library.

February- Dental Health Month (Feb. 9= National Toothache Day, Feb. 28= Tooth Fairy Day

I would think the month of October and Halloween would be best to worry about dental health, but let’s be real dental hygiene is important all the time. Once I had a rather traumatic incident at the dentist where I had 7 cavities! I recovered from this, by passing on dental hygiene to the youth and doing a “Take Care of Your Teeth Story time” complete with teeth brushing tips, brushing stuffed animals teeth and reading fun books about the tooth fairy.

February 2- Groundhog Day

This is by far my favorite holiday of all-time! I even have a t-shirt that says “Hip-hip-hooray, it’s Groundhog’s Day!” Year after year, I’ve tried to get kids more excited about Groundhog’s Day with limited success. One of my favorite programs was a school-age program called “Shadow Shenanigans” where kids made shadow puppets, shadow figures on the wall and then we did a short shadow puppet show!

February 12- ALA Youth Media Awards

The Youth Media Awards are at 8 a.m. MT Feb 12, 2018 in Denver Colorado. ALA reveals the next classics in children’s and young adult literature.  Anyone can follow the action live through ALA social media channels and the live webcast at .  Book displays of past and current award winners, mock elections and reveal parties are great ways to celebrate a year of notable literature accomplishments.

February 14- Valentine’s Day

The month of love and romance- I try to think of Valentine’s Day as a time to celebrate love and friendship- what people love about themselves, each other, the library and more.

Please leave more thoughts and ideas to celebrate February library events in the comments!


  1. Kary H.

    Thanks for these great ideas! This year, I’m excited to feature the Winter Olympics in an interactive display. There are books on Korea, the Olympics, winter sports, as well as Korean folktales. The kids can vote for their favorite Winter Olympic sport, and we’ll put up a bar graph, updating it throughout the Olympics, to show the winner.

    1. Emily Bayci

      Thanks for your commsent Kary. I love the idea of voting and having a bar graph!thats an awesome way to get the kids involved and excited.

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