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Library Resolutions

Happy New Year!

Over the years, I’ve started to give up on New Year’s Resolutions.  For me, they usually involve some form of overachieving or totally revamping something, and then when I eventually give up, I feel horrible. This year, I’ve decided to not have personal resolutions, but instead professional ones; resolutions that will help me be a better librarian and better serve my community. Below are my top 3.

  1. Clean out my supply closet.  I inherited a wonderful supply closet, but because we have such a supportive community, it is extremely well stocked.  My goal is to better understand what we have, how we can use it, and streamline!
  2. Familiarize myself with our Teen Manga collection.  Manga is huge with our Teens, but unfortunately, I’m not nearly as up-to-date on what’s popular as I can be.  Luckily, I met some wonderful people at YALSA who, with the help of their teens and tweens, keep active Manga blogs.  I’m eager to carve some time out when I’m off desk to read through their blogs and start reading more books.
  3. Create a more welcoming space…for everyone! After school, our library is packed.  Parents, students, girl scouts- everyone wants to use our space, which is great.  What I’ve noticed though, is we don’t have a place for people to curl up and read.  There aren’t quiet areas for students to work together, or for a parent to sit with their child and explore a book.  We also don’t have places for people to charge devices. My hope is that with some creative planning and some new items (like a charging station, maybe?), we can make the Kids and Teen space more welcoming.

While I can think of a few other goals and resolutions, I know that these ones are plausible and achievable.  Do you have any resolutions, for yourself or your community? Please feel free to share them, or ways in which you have achieved them!

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