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ALSC Blog Overview – July to December 2017

Twice a year, in January and again in mid-summer, we offer an ALSC Blog overview, and take a look at what has happened with the blog in the past six months. It’s been a busy and exciting time! Pull up a chair and I’ll tell you about some of the highlights.

Award for Top 100 Children's Book Blog; a highlighted feature of this ALSC Blog overview
Award for Top 100 Children’s Book Blog

In December, we were informed of exhilarating news which made us particularly proud. We learned that the ALSC blog was ranked by Feedspot in the Top 100 Children’s Book Blogs for parents, teachers and kids. It is always so nice to be recognized and have your work validated, and to join such an esteemed group of blogs. Thanks, Feedspot!

In August through January, the ALSC Blog was B-U-S-Y! Here are the number of posts published per month:

  • July: 36 posts with 6 guest posts
  • August: 37 posts with 10 guest posts
  • September: 41 posts with 12 guest posts
  • October: 33 posts with 6 guest posts
  • November: 32 posts with 9 guest posts
  • December: 35 posts with 8 guest posts

In November, we opened up our Mock Elections Results page and encourage YOU to let us know which 2017 titles are selected as Mock Award Winners at your libraries and schools. As the 2018 Youth Media Awards gets closer and closer — they’ll be announced on Monday, February 12th — check back to see what people around the country think are great possibilities.

In August, we began a monthly profile of ALSC Board Members, profiling

As the Board continues to strive for transparency as well as connection with the members, look for this feature to continue! We also continued to offer our popular monthly feature, the ALSC Member Profile. If YOU are interested in being a part of this feature — or if you have a friend or colleague you believe should be profiled — let me know at

One of the ways we track the effectiveness of the blog, is how often our posts are picked up by other blogs and news outlets. Some of the many pieces which were picked up in the last six motnhs include:

Thanks go to the team of ALSC Bloggers who contribute regularly to the ALSC Blog. Tremendous thank you to:

Alexa Newman Alyson Feldman-Piltch
Elisabeth Gattullo Marrocolla Emily Bayci
Ericka Chilcoat Heather Acerro
Jonathan Dolce Kathia Ibacache
Katie Salo Laura Schulte-Cooper
Lisa Nowlain Meg Smith
Nicole Lee Martin Nina Lindsay
Paige Bentley-Flannery Pamela Groseclose
Renee Grassi Sarah Bean Thompson

Last, but most assuredly not least, thanks to the ALSC Staff Liaison to the ALSC Blog, Elizabeth Serrano. It is a privilege to work with all of you. I can’t wait to see what 2018 brings!

Mary R. Voors
ALSC Blog manager

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  1. Jonathan Dolce

    My pleasure, Ms. Mary – we (I’m sure I speak for all of the writers and contributors) appreciate being appreciated. Stay tuned, folks – it’s going to be an exciting year!

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