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YALSA and AASL have each recently recently released new professional competencies and standards, and together with ALSC’s Competencies for Librarians Serving Children in Public Libraries, present a strong framework for how librarians are and should be serving youth today.

YALSA’s Teen Services Competencies for Library Staff respond to new research, the realities of current staffing models, and the recent paradigm shift to a hands-on co-learning model of service between library staff and teens.

Supplementary materials that support the competencies include twitter chats and free webinars beginning March 2018, and professional tools organized by competency area.

AASL’s National School Library Standards provide a robust framework for learners, school librarians, and school libraries, working in an integrated fashion and resting upon a set of common beliefs.

The Standards website provides multiple entry points, such as the Materials page with helpful one-pagers for stakeholders, advocates, and library and school staff.

I find a strength of ALA’s divisional structure is the expertise we gain from colleagues in related specialities. I’m so glad to have these fine tools from AASL and YALSA to help us collectively develop a new generation of leaders, and to advocate for a workforce to empower youth through libraries. 

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