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Serving Diverse Communities

You hear a lot about gratitude this time of year.  As an ALSC member, I am so grateful that ALSC is continually developing materials to aid me in better serving the diverse communities in which I live and work.  The online resources available under the Professional Tools for Librarians Serving Youth section of the ALSC website have grown, and now include an additional section under Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Building on the “Supporting Libraries in Today’s Changing Environment” document created earlier this year, this new piece is called Serving Diverse Communities.  It contains a list of resources intended to help librarians support children and families through uncertain times.  While no means exhaustive, the list is wide-ranging in content.  A printable pdf is available.

Trying to create a display of reassuring reads for kids?  Booklists such as Unity. Kindness. Peace. are included under Book & Media Lists.

Searching for the best ways to approach the proliferation of fake news?  The Resources for Media Literacy part features Skokie Public Library’s resource list of Five Browser Extensions for Reading Online News that will help identify accuracy and bias.

Want to know more about #librariesrespond?  The Compendium showcases some of the topics included Project Welcome and Guidelines for Outreach to Immigrant Populations.

Interested in action but don’t know where to begin?  Sections of this document include Organizing Guides and Newsletters, as well as Grassroots Organizing and Mobilizing. Links to ALSC programs (some archived) and Online Courses are also made available.

There are multiple other categories reflected in this document, including Resources for Vulnerable Communities and Community Based Organizations with National Reach.  What sections are you most grateful for?  Let us know in the comments below!


This post was written by Jennifer Duffy, children’s librarian at the King County Library System, on behalf of the ALSC Public Awareness Committee.  She can be reached at

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