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2018 And Life to Go: Resolutions Anyone?!

Not Another New Year’s Resolution Article

I promise.  No eye candy.  No videos strung by html with care.  But it is Elf themed, which you need to watch if you haven’t already.

You’ve got just six weeks and four days before the new year makes you keep writing 2017 for a few weeks.  Resolution lists anyone?  Please tell me you aren’t recycling last years, or even lamely “upcycling” them, just to sound trendy or get your friends off your back.  Let’s get real, and let’s apply it to our professional world.  Here we go…


For the love of candy canes, you have a story to tell, and believe it or not, you could totally help out an up and coming mentee.  No, really.  And it’s easy to get matched.

For example, Florida Library Association has a mentoring program every year, that officially only runs one year at a time, but who knows: your mentee could be the next Carla Hayden.  Or consider this: how about *gasp* being mentored?  What better way to get leadership exposure than to be mentored.  I mean, I’m 44 and I’m looking for leadership exposure.  How else are you going to take over the world?!

Sorry, but Florida is my frame of reference, but still, I’m sure your system has this, too.  At the State level, there are mentoring possibilities as well.  Here we have the [dramatic voice] Sunshine State Library Leadership Institute – where did they get the name? – or SSLLI for, um, short.  I’m sure Georgia has one with “Peach” in the title; JK…it’s Pinnacle.  You don’t even need to pick up the phone, just let your proverbial fingers do the talking – or walking – whatever.  Bottom line, it’s easy.  Well, it’s easy to access, at least.

Cook at Home More

Lame city, dude.  How do we spice this up?  Do we put an egg in our shoe and beat it?  No!  We get cooking!  No, not at home – in the library!

Here’s how one library does it – you should, too!

Each month, Maitland Public Library’s Youth Services staff use a different ingredient to prepare simple, hands-on recipes you can eat afterwards! Perfect for kids kindergarten and older.  Kids and parents just eat it up!






Get Promoted

No, not a raise or a job promotion.  I’m talking marketing.  Libraries traditionally, or at least in my experiences, are always looking for better ways to sell their amazing products.

Here’s a YouTube video I selected at random all about Free Online Marketing Tools for Librarians, by some guy – I don’t know who he is.


Actually, maybe we can explore the career aspect of getting promoted briefly.

Believe it or not, this is actually the best time of the year to interview for that job you’ve always wanted.  The pool of candidates around the holidays is usually much thinner as they are busy feasting with friends or frolicking with Frosty.  Here’s a good article about how to Start Your Job Search Now.

Ok, the highlight is this – Your Wishlist to the Santa who works in HR:

  • Compile your career “wish list.” Include preferences such as:                               
  • Geographic location
  • Size of organization
  • Culture/atmosphere – do your Glass Door research.
  • Job role and duties
  • Benefits and other perks
  • Please update your résumé and customize it for each job application or you will look like a cotton-headed ninny muggins.


Express Myself More

No, not telling your branch supervisor what you really think – express yourself as in through Art!  Not the crafts, sorry, but it can also be STEAMy!  And with lots of CLAY!

Clay and simple hand-building techniques offer an unlimited set of possibilities for delivering STEM/STEAM programming to children of all ages, and something for every budget.  Expose children to Coretta Scott King award-winning, “Dave the Potter: Artist, Poet, Slave“, American history, and expression while also learning about physics, re-purposed materials and much more.  No experience required, just an open mind.

If you want the 10-4, let me know and I’ll send it your way, good buddy.

Save More Money

Whether you secretly do it for yourself or for your patrons, Money Smart Week has something for everyone.  You’ve got four months!   

Money Smart Week is a national initiative in its seventh year between the ALA and the Federal Reserve Bank (Chicago) to provide financial literacy programming to help members of your community better manage their personal finances. Visit the Money Smart Week home page of the Federal Reserve Bank (Chicago) for additional details about Money Smart Week. See also Become a partner.

Libraries of all types can and do participate, providing programming for all ages and all stages of life on topics such as: basic budgeting; managing student debt; retirement planning; home purchasing; saving money through couponing; and how to prevent identity theft.

In 2017, over 1000 public, academic, school, prison, and other libraries in 50 states participated. So mark your calendars to participate April 21-28, 2018!

Read More Books

Or you could just watch all eight Harry Potter movies in one binge on HBO in 2018 and say you read them…s’up to you

Lose Weight

Or you could just weed the collection, already.  The Young Adult librarian turned author, Patrick Jones once gave me a simple equation for finding space in a library: Dumpster + Adult Contemporary Fiction = Space.   

If All Else Fails

If all else fails, simply smile more…it takes less effort than frowning.

And of course, if you dress like Will Ferrell here, you will undoubtedly be dressing for the role you always wanted.  But if you wanted a tad bit more, stop complaining, polish your résumé and be proactive.  If you’re happy in your role as the tallest elf in Library Land, then, please consider mentoring.  Everyone needs someone to look up to.


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