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Website Transition Is in Progress!

New design for ALSC website

ALSC is happy to announce that transition is in progress to the newly designed website (as of Wednesday afternoon, 10/4)! You may experience some temporary service interruptions during the move, and we do apologize for the inconvenience. We anticipate work on the site to be complete within 48 hours or so.

Site visitors then will enjoy a user-friendly experience, as the new responsive design resizes webpages based on the device in use. And, as a result, ALSC webpages will not be downgraded in search results for being “mobile-unfriendly.”

The newly designed site continues to provide the same trusted resources, news, and award information, but pages display a fresh look. The homepage design displays clear, bright “blocks” of information that point visitors to prime resources on the site, such as awards, book lists, and eLearning opportunities. ALSC news, blog, and twitter feeds, also on the main page, allow users to quickly browse the latest announcements, posts, and tweets coming out of the association.

For a sneak peek at the final product, visit

We are pleased to unveil this new site and hope that you find the design accessible and effective. If you have any questions, please let us know. We welcome your feedback!


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