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STEM Hurricane Irma Activities – Kids Tweens Teens

Weather map of hurricane

STEM Hurricane Activities

So, yes, quite frankly we have been living under a rock for the past few weeks.  Why you may ask?  Hurricanes, of course!  It’s been a matter of survival!   Now that things are slowly returning to normal and libraries are re-opening, help kids understand one of the strongest forces of nature through STEM hurricane activities!



STEM Hurricane Activities just for Kids

How does wind move across the United States – check out this amazing, interactive map!  





Build your own hurricane without the messy cleanup!  

In this interactive game, kids can build their own hurricane.  They’ll learn what kinds of wind conditions, latitude, and sea temperature make hurricanes.  It’s okay if they don’t know a lot about hurricanes—there are hints built in to help them out.




But wait, there’s more!

NEA STEM Hurricane Activities

This one is my favorite: Hurricane Applet – Atlantic
Drag the hurricane and see the effect of sea surface temperature.


Animations & Video



STEM Hurricane Prediction for Teens

Teens and adult alike will be fascinated by the links between global warming, climate change and the rise of Atlantic hurricanes.  Governmental organizations such as the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory have an amazing, in-depth site all about this concept.   Don’t be put off by the academic or research portions.  Head straight for the animations where teens can use an interactive meteorological prediction model!







And what does this mean for you, the friendly neighborhood public librarian?  Your bosses will think you are a rock star!  Like, Mr. Spock!




  1. Roxie Munro

    There’s a new children’s book just out by Vicki Cobb, the founder of iNK Think Tank and the Nonfiction Minute ( called “How Could We harness A Hurricane?” Very clear and accessible writing and content.

  2. Jonathan Dolce

    Thanks, Roxie!

  3. Harold Jackson

    I’m Luv hurricanes

    1. Jonathan Dolce

      How so, Harry?

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