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Discovering #Kidlit Film Adaptations

Where can you go to find out which of your beloved #kidlit books are being turned into movies? The answer is important to children’s Collectors everywhere, as we know that an upcoming movie adaptation can spark interest in a long-dormant book, resulting in an unexpected holds list! Here are a few of my favorite resources for finding book-to-film adaptations.

Early Word

Despite founder Nora Rawlinson’s announcement that her vitally useful blog Early Word was ceasing publication of new posts on July 3, 2017, I am pleased to report that thus far, the site seems to be updated with regularity, especially its Adaptations updates, which have been an essential tool in my purchasing for seven years. I have yet to find a better, more well-resourced source of all the upcoming literary adaptations, adult and children alike, than the offerings of Early Word. On the right-hand column on the site, readers will find lists of upcoming adaptations, in date order, and links to a wonderful Google Doc to help anticipate big purchases: Books to Movies: Upcoming, In-Production, and Development. Although I am not sure if these resources will continue to be updated beyond their current state, as of now, I find them as useful as ever.

Forever Young Adult

Although this blog focuses on YA books and media, it occasionally includes children’s materials in its coverage. Their Internet Round-up often includes links to trailers and reviews of media adaptations of young adult books, and their Let’s Go to the Movies series often features films based on books. For a young adult-literature perspective, the site is invaluable.


Vulture, the culture blog of New York Magazine, is a great resource for articles like this one, which ran at the end of the summer: 18 Book-to-Film Adaptations Still to Come in 2017. Searching the blog for the tags “books” and “movies” regularly yields gems like that article, which I passed along to our adult Collector as well. Did you know Ferdinand was being adapted into an animated movie? Now you do!

I’ve shared my favorites, now I’d love to hear from you – what blogs or publications do you use to track upcoming media adaptations of popular children’s books?


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  2. Nora Rawlinson

    Hi Elizabeth;

    Your post comes at the perfect time. Thanks to support like yours, we are keeping the site open and will continue to update our Books-to-Movies/TV coverage (see the newest post here;, our directory of library contacts at publishing houses, awards information and links to other resources useful to readers advisory and collection development librarians. We will also continue as the home for GalleyChat.

    Thanks for your kind words,


    1. Melissa

      Nora, many of us find Early Word to be essential. I’ve been using it since 2008. What sort of support do you need to keep it going?

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