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Resources for Evaluating Summer Reading

Time to Evaluate Your Summer Reading Program

A youth services librarian from Washington recently posted to the ALSC-L electronic discussion list, asking about research-based studies on summer reading and best practices for summer reading programs (SRPs). For those who now may be evaluating their 2017 SRP and/or looking ahead to next summer, below is a compilation of suggested resources for evaluating summer reading from ALSC-L subscribers who posted in response. Many thanks to all those who provided feedback!


A Hook and a Book: Rewards as Motivators in Public Library Summer Reading Programs. Small, Arnone, & Bennett (2017). Children and Libraries, 15(1), 7-15.

More than Just Summer Reading: The Shift to “Summer Learning.” Caputo & Estrovitz (2017). Children and Libraries, 15(1), 3-6.

Summers: Some are reading, some are not! It matters. McGill-Franzen, Ward, & Cahill (2016). The Reading Teacher, 69(6), 585-596.


Summer Reading: Closing the Rich/Poor Reading Achievement Gap, edited by Richard L. Allington and Anne McGill-Franzen (Teachers College Press & International Reading Association, 2013)

Transforming Summer Programs at Your Library: Outreach and Outcomes in Action, by Natalie Cole and Virginia A. Walter (ALA Editions, Winter 2017)


Executive Summary of “The Dominican Study: Public Library Summer Reading Programs Close the Reading Gap”

Summer Slide and the Importance of Reading over the Summer
Colorado State Library

Using Project Outcome to Measure & Build a Better Summer Library Program
Public Library Association

White Paper

Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP) Summer Reading White Paper

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