We Love Animals (and books & apps about them, too!)

Do you find it hard to weed the animal books in your collection? Do you have pets or want pets? Do you want to hear about some good animal books that are out now? If you answered “yes”, look no further!

Cover image for the book Rosie & CrayonRosie & Crayon by Deborah Marcero.

This book has a lot to offer! It features a diverse child, a dog and a cat, color concepts, and real emotion.

*Spoiler alert: Rosie’s pet dog Crayon dies and the illustrations evoke Rosie’s feelings of grief and eventual hope, culminating in a happy resolution. P.S. the author had a starred book in Ursa’s Light.



Cover image for the book Splotch by Gianna MarinoSplotch by Gianna Marino.

*Spoiler alert: Oh no! This little guy dies, too! But this books is humorous with very little text, big pictures, and some very telling details if you keep your eyes open! This is a good read-aloud and will make kids giggle.



Image of cover for Pet Doctor app



Toca Pet Doctor. This app has been out for a few years but it’s worth mentioning to young pet lovers (ages 3 and up). It is $2.99 in iTunes, Google Play and Kindle Fire.

Kids can work on their fine motor skills as well as deciphering cues about feelings and empathy when they care for sick or injured animals in a veterinarian’s waiting room.  After it is healed and eats , it falls asleep and all is right with the world.

What are YOUR favorite new-ish books about about animals? I hope you will list them in the comments below!


Headshot of guest blogger, Erin Wen
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Erin Wen is the Materials Selection Librarian (Youth) for Dayton Metro Library. She and her husband have wayyyy too many cats and she adores animals, cemeteries, gardens, soft pretzels, and, oh, books–especially non-fiction! She spends many hours at

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  1. Chris Snell

    Erin, thank you so much for the pleasure of books you have on animals. We trust you because we know you are brilliant and what you do.

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