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Become an ALSC Mentor!

Call for Mentors!

During alaac17, I was particularly surprised at how much the term “mentorship” came about in conversation. From Board meetings, to our Emerging Leaders discussions, there was a lot of importance stressed on the development and improvement of mentorship opportunities. alsc mentorship logo

Throughout the past few rounds of our mentoring program, there has usually been a trend of getting more mentee applications than mentor applications. I am hoping that this changes once we open applications later this month for Fall 2017. We’re hoping to get as many matches as we can.


Applications will open later this month, but if you are interested in becoming a mentor or have any suggestions, please contact me,! There has been some great blog posts by mentors and mentees, and I would love to see more of them.

As a new employee, I am very eager to flesh out this program and see what more we can do for new children’s librarians!

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