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Program in a Post: Captain Underpants Celebration!

With this post, a little money, and mostly paper (much of it toilet paper), you can throw a toilet-tastic Captain Underpants Celebration!


  • Dirty Diaper Toss – Create some dirty diapers (we used paint and beanbags to fill them) and have kids toss them into a toilet (we used a new toilet seat over a bucket).
  • Create Your Own Comics – Put out a bunch of comic blanks and invite kids to write and draw their own comics.
  • Toilet Paper Contests – Invite kids to work together to create the tallest toilet paper tower or race against each other to build a tower the fastest.
  • Belch the Alfabet Bakwards – A little root beer goes a long way.
  • Fart Zones – Create some signage indicating fart zones and no fart zones. Little kids love practicing their reading on funny words!
  • Poopify Your Name! – Have kids create nametags with their Professor Poopypants name. Print out this handy guide, put out name tags, and let the fun begin.
  • Make an Underhat – We copied some underpants onto cardstock and attendees decorated them and added them to headbands.

Room set up: We had activities scattered throughout the children’s area and a few in our program room. Families started with the name tags and then wandered around through the games and other activities with underpants on their heads.

Over 200 people joined us for an hour of Captain Underpants fun on a Tuesday night in May and the kids (and their grown-ups) loved every minute of it!



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