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As your ALSC President, I’m enjoying getting ready for Annual Conference by reading ALSC Committee Reports! No joking: it is exciting and humbling to see all of work so many of you are doing, everyday, while keeping your library doors open.

Thanks to those  who’ve accepted committee assignments to begin in July.  As I posted in April, I am wowed by the number of great volunteers, which outweigh slots.  ALSC is in good shape!  Slots do arise throughout the year, and later this summer I’ll start looking at committees whose terms start in January (all of the award and media evaluation committees, as well as the Arbuthnot Honor Lecture, Children & Libraries Editorial Advisory, and Distinguished Service Award committees.) If you previously submitted the online volunteer form for any of these, I will be getting to it; if you have not yet, now through July is a good time to submit your volunteer form.

Exploring ALSC Work at ALA Annual

A great way to get the lay of the land of ALSC committee work at Annual conference is to attend Leadership & ALSC on Saturday morning.  This meeting designed for committee chairs is open to all, and we welcome you!  After updates and introductions we will have brief spotlights the work of our Emerging Leaders Team and Diversity in ALSC Task Force, then a talk from Professor Nicole A. Cooke on diversity in librarianship.  At the end of the meeting committee chairs meet with their Priority Group Consultants to discuss their work, and you are welcome to listen in.

The Membership Meeting is another place to network with members and find out what ALSC is up to.  We’ll be working on advocacy at this meeting, as well as hearing from our Distinguished Service Award recipient, Ellen Fader.

Leadership Online

Many of you work hard for ALSC without ever coming to conference.  I hope you will register for the ALA Virtual Membership Meeting to be held on June 8th.  ALSC member leaders have an important role to play in the role of ALA, now more than ever.

We need you in your libraries, and stepping up nationally.  I’m grateful ALSC has an engaged membership at all levels and in different platforms.  Whether at our free webinars (check out the Managing Children’s Services series this fall), at our periodic online Community Forums (stay tuned for the next one), or here at the ALSC Blog, your work is apparent and appreciated.



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