ALA Annual 2017

ALSC Mentor Program #alaac17

As a new youth librarian, I was very excited by the opportunity to participate in the ALSC Mentoring Program. This is a free program open to anyone (you don’t have to be an ALSC or ALA member to participate as a mentee). I wrapped up my program by meeting my mentor in person at ALA Annual!

As a mentee, I talked with my awesome mentor, Megan Egbert, once a month about our libraries and the various challenges we were facing. We set goals for our program, including:

  • Reviewing what each ALSC committee does and submitting a volunteer application. (This resulted in me getting appointed to the Notable Children’s Recordings committee.)
  • Sharing useful resources in a Google document and discussing our favorites each month.
  • Interviewing a different youth librarian each month. This led to some awesome conversations with Mel Depper, Carissa Christner, Amy Koester, Claudia Haines, and more amazing youth library leaders.

It was fantastic to end my official mentor program by meeting Megan in person and having another great conversation over breakfast at ALA Annual. Talking to another youth librarian outside of my library (and my time zone!) helped me gain perspective on my role and this field. Her advice and thoughtful approach helped me grow comfortable during my first few months as a youth librarian.

I definitely recommend the mentor program to anyone interested in getting to know more about ALSC, ALA, or librarianship overall.

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