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Program in a Post: Spring Break Challenge Quest

This year during the public school’s spring breaks we decided to try something different: a spring break challenge quest. Instead of having one activity out during all of spring break, we rotated activities every day and chose different topics to challenge the mind, body and self. This gave children and their caregivers something to do at the library during break and helped keep it fresh for our repeat visitors.

Each week day was a different challenge which included:

Monday: Scavenger Hunt (three separate library-based scavenger hunts for each age group)

Tuesday: String Coloring (make creative artwork using string and a piece of white paper)

Wednesday: Binary Coding Challenge (use a binary alphabet to solve a code and make a personalized bookmark)

Thursday: Yoga Stations (different yoga poses set up around the library)

Friday: Tangram Challenges (create various shapes using tangrams)

Our staff found that this was a fun way to implement various passive activities at the library. We tried to minimize the need for staff assistance during the activities.

Next time, we hope to create a challenge card that encourages families to complete all five days of the challenge. We also hope to find more ways to showcase exciting features of the library.

If you want any more information about what we did, e-mail me at emilybayci at gmail dot com.

Do you have any fun activities during school breaks? Please share what you do in the comments!


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