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Resources for Libraries — In Support of Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion

A graphic featuring resources that support equality, diversity, and inclusion.

After the November 2016 elections, ALSC began gathering resources to help libraries support children and families in a time of uncertainty and unrest. Our association’s Core Values include Responsiveness, Inclusiveness, Integrity and Respect, and ALSC members stand firm in their commitment to equality, diversity, and inclusion. This blog post pulls the various resources into one place.

Working Google Document

This list, in no way exhaustive, provides resources including book & media lists, such as a Storytime for Social Justice Kit, resources for media literacy, grassroots organizing and mobilizing efforts, resources for at-risk communities, and more. It is a living document, currently authored by ALSC committee members and curated by the ALSC Public Awareness Committee. To contribute content, contact Christy Estrovitz.

Unity & Justice Book Lists

The Unity. Kindness. Peace. book list was produced to share the message of creating unity, acting with kindness toward others, and promoting peace.

The Working Together for Justice book list was created to affirm the rights of children and families, while encouraging discussions about social justice and equity.

Archived Programs

Serving ALL Families in Your Library: Inclusive Library Collections and Programs for LGBTQ Families & Children

ALSC Virtual Institute | September 2016

Children with LGBTQ caregivers live in almost every community nationwide, but do all libraries meet the needs of these Rainbow Families? This session offered criteria for selecting and using children’s books with LGBTQ content and examined how librarians can offer inclusive programs for these families using materials that redefine gender norms and family compositions.

Why Is It So Difficult to Talk about Race, Culture, and Other Marginalizations in Children’s Literature?

ALSC Mini Institute, Atlanta | January 2017

With the clash of opinions surrounding books with complex content, there is a growing divide between those who cry censorship and those who seek better representation. It becomes problematic when it fosters a mentality of Us versus Them. The first step in conquering the divide is the willingness to engage in difficult conversations. This panel discussed how to hold these conversations with respect and moderate the challenges that can arise.

Passing the Mic: Muslim Voices in Children’s Literature and Lessons Learned in the Pursuit of Equity and Inclusion

ALSC Mini Institute, Atlanta | January 2017

Those who work in children’s literature know the impact books can have on a society—creating empathy and understanding, and shaping identity and self-determination. Publishers, librarians, and educators have a special role in getting these books into the hands of children. In this program, Salaam Reads Co-Founder and Executive Editor Zareen Jaffery and authors Hena Khan and Aisha Saeed discussed publishing books that center on an underrepresented, and often misrepresented, culture, and the opportunities for meaningful and sustainable change.

ALSC thanks all those who contributed to these resources and hopes you find them helpful in your library.

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