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Find Your Footing Despite the Flood of Fake News

Yipes!  Does it seem like “fake news” is getting more prevalent?  Are you feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, confused about how to help your patrons navigate this unstable landscape?

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There are things we can do.  Some of your colleagues have already begun developing a list of resources on media literacy in the fabulous “ALSC Supporting Libraries in the Post-Election Environment” document. Be sure to check it out – lots of other resources to be found there, as well.

The ALSC Intellectual Freedom Committee has been pondering the topic, too, and one of our members conducted extensive research on the past and present realities of dishonesty in the media.  (Yes, it’s not new!)  He created a “think piece” that will give you some background on the issue, validation of your sense that our young patrons face particular challenges finding their way in the flood of information and disinformation, and ideas for taking action to help them. You’ll find this piece in the Intellectual Freedom section of “Professional Tools for Librarians Serving Youth” on the ALSC site.

Finally, there’s exciting news about a joint Community Forum for ALSC and AASL members on Digital Literacy.  This collaborative effort on the part of board members from both divisions offers you the chance to participate in a live conversation this coming Thursday, March 23 at 1:00 pm Eastern. Let’s talk about how staff in public and school libraries can support each other as we prepare children to be digitally literate citizens.  Look for more details in the blog post on Sunday, March 19.  If you can’t participate in the live forum, an archived transcript will be available.

Hope to talk to you Thursday!


Laura Jenkins is a Children’s Librarian at Chicago Public Library and Co-Chair of the ALSC Intellectual Freedom Committee.



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