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Nine Easy Ways to Keep In Touch with ALSC

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No matter your preference—email, tweets, print, Pinterest—The Association for Library Service to Children makes it easy to network with fellow ALSC members, keep on top of ALSC news, and learn about developments in our profession.

You can pick and choose among these excellent options for staying up-to-date:

1. Blog: If you’re reading this, you already know about the ALSC Blog! Official ALSC bloggers and guest bloggers keep up a steady stream of information, announcements, tips, and musings. If you can’t attend Annual or Midwinter conferences, bloggers share what’s happening there too. To make it even easier, sign up to have the ALSC Blog delivered to your email.


2. Email: ALSC Advantage is a bimonthy announcement email for members and non-members with offers and discounts on professional resources like grants, awards, online courses, conferences, and more.


3. Newsletters:
• ALSC Matters!  is a quarterly newsletter that highlights ALSC activities and information.
• Everyday Advocacy Matters also comes out quarterly as an email newsletter that features simple, effective ways to learn, share, and make a difference in local library communities.


4. Twitter:
• @WeAreALSC is the Twitter account. Join for the quick pace of news and helpful links.
• #alscchat is the hashtag for an ALSC discussion on every second Thursday of the month at 9pm Eastern.


5. Listserv: On the ALSC-L Listserv, connect, ask questions, share information and opinions.


6. Facebook Page: “Like” and “follow” at the Facebook page titled “ALSC – The Association for Library Service to Children.” It’s full of relevant posts, videos, and announcements, and you can network with your fellow ASLC members.


7. Pinterest: Here are fifteen boards with storytime and other practical programming ideas as well as booklists boards and lots of information about Día.


8. Youtube Channel: Can’t make it to the Newbery-Caldecott Banquet or the Arbuthnot Lecture? Watch them on the ALSC Youtube channel where you can also find other speeches, meetings, and grant


9. Magazine: Children & Libraries: The Journal of ALSC arrives in your mailbox if you’re an ALSC member, with the latest on research and practice in refereed articles. You can also access back issues online.


Find links to these resources and more at ALSC’s “Communications & Publications” page. ALSC provides so many ways like those mentioned above to meet your ALSC Competencies for Professionalism and Professional Development.  Staying informed of pertinent trends, technology, issues, and research is a great way to get the most out of your membership!


What are your favorite go-to ways to network and keep in touch with ALSC and our profession?


Photo of guest blogger Kathleen Odean
Photo provided by Kathleen Odean


Kathleen Odean, who gives workshops for teachers and librarians about new young adult books, is writing this post for the Public Awareness Committee. She can be reached at She had no idea there was an ALSC Youtube Channel before writing this blog entry!





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